Analysis of Personality

An important part of the process of determining the groundnote of a person is an analysis of personality (this is not a psychoanalysis!). The individual group of notes, seen on the tuner while speaking, are an indication of the main qualities that compose a personality. In a subsequent conversation, the meaning of each note will be communicated without judgement. You will recognize yourself as if looking in a mirror. Although much of what is communicated might be well known, you will further connect with hidden or intuitively felt, as well as with entirely new qualities.

The qualities of each note should be lived and integrated in daily life in order to be in harmony. This sort of “self-knowledge” will enable you to better understand yourself and your reactions to life. You will become more conscious and your personal path of “inner learning” will become clearer.
A high quality personality analysis in combination with the proper process of determination of the groundnote is the basis for working effectively with the "Nada-Brahma-System".